Previously-Funded Projects

Grant Cycle 1 Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
Year 1
1/2003–12/2003 Phase II study of transdermal estrogen in Androgen-Independent Prostate Cancer (AIPC) Tomasz Beer, MD OHSU
1/2003–12/2003 Evaluation of effects of human cachexia-associated protein on muscle and tumor cells Eva Corey, PhD UW
1/2003–12/2003 The role of bone-related factors in modulating androgen receptor activity and in progression of prostate cancer Paul Rennie, PhD UBC
1/2003–12/2003 The mechanism of chromosomal instability in human prostate cancer Jeffrey Virgin, MD, PhD PSHS-VA
Year 2
1/2004–12/2004 Histone methyltransferases and other chromatin modifying enzymes as a therapeutic target in prostate cancer: a chemical genetic approach Antonio Bedalov, MD, PhD FHCRC
1/2004–122004 Androgen related proteins as predictors of response to androgen-ablative therapy and markers for PSA recurrence Beatrice Knudsen, MD, PhD FHCRC
1/2004–12/2004 Role of infiltrating lymphocytes in androgen ablation induced apoptosis of prostate tumors Colleen Nelson, PhD UBC
1/2004–12/2004 Development of immortalized cell lines from Ashkenazi Jewish hereditary prostate cancer families Elaine Ostrander, PhD FHCRC
1/2004–12/2004 Gene expression profiling of telomerase-regulated genes in prostate cells James Roberts, PhD FHCRC
Year 3
1/2005–12/2005 Prostate cancer chemoprevention with resveratrol: a preclinical study Norm Greenberg, PhD FHCRC
1/2005–12/2005 Effect of estrogen administration on immune effectors and expression of immunoregulatory molecules on human prostate tissue and prostate cancer Bruce Montgomery, MD UW
1/2005–12/2005 Pilot study to investigate selenoenzymes in prostate tissue Ulrike Peters, PhD, MPH FHCRC
1/2005–12/2005 Effect of shedding of immune stimulatory molecule MIC on prostate cancer progression Jennifer Wu, PhD UW
1/2005–12/2005 Serum and tissue expression of the immune stimulatory molecule MIC as a biomarker for prostate cancer Jennifer Wu, PhD UW
Year 4
1/2006–12/2006 Effects of zoledronic acid in combination with RAD001 and AEW541 on CaP Eva Corey, PhD UW
1/2006–12/2006 Random mutations in prostate cancer Lawrence Loeb, MD, PhD UW
1/2006–12/2006 Caveolin 1: A possible biomarker for prostate cancer progression Janet Stanford, PhD FHCRC
1/2006–12/2006 Identification of genes causally involved in prostate cancer using high throughput in vivo mutagenesis screen Valeri Vasioukhin, PhD FHCRC
Year 5
1/2007–12/2007 Positron Emission Tomography Imaging of Bone in Patients with Metastatic Prostate Cancer Evan Yu, MD FHCRC/SCCA
1/2007–12/2007 Characterizing microRNAs in Prostate Cancer Muneesh Tewari, MD, PhD FHCRC
1/2007–12/2007 GLI1 and GLI2 as Therapeutic Targets in Prostate Cancer Alan So, MD UBC
1/2007–12/2007 Assessment of Clinico-pathologic Correlation of Gene Fusion in PC David Huntsman, MD UBC
1/2007–12/2007 Characterization of Inflammatory Cell Types in Prostate Tissues Jennifer Wu, PhD UW
Grant Cycle 2 Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
Year 6
1/2008–12/2008 Prostate Cancer Stem Cells Norman Greenberg PhD FHCRC
1/2008–12/2008 Isotopically Heavy Protein Standards to Calculate Absolute Protein Concentration Daniel Martin, MD ISB
1/2008–12/2008 Hormonal and Molecular Effects of Exogenous Dihydrotestosterone on the Prostate Stephanie Page, MD, PhD UW
1/2008–12/2008 Inhibition of Angiopoietin-2 in CaP Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors in SCID Mice Robert Vessella, PhD UW
1/2008–12/2008 Targeted Alpha Therapy for Treatment of Metastatic Prostate Cancer in Bone Scott Wilbur, PhD UW
Year 7
1/2009–12/2009 Effect of dietary intervention on insulin and IGF-1 receptors in prostate cancer Anne McTiernan, MD FHCRC
1/2009–12/2009 Novel ultra sensitive DNA-based cancer prostate biomarkers Jason Bielas, PhD FHCRC
1/2009–12/2009 Elucidation of novel mechanisms of sulforaphane chemoprevention in a murine model Joshi Alumkal, MD OHSU
1/2009–12/2009 Role of PACS-2 in prostate cancer Gary Thomas, PhD OHSU
Year 8
1/2010–12/2010 Exploring the role of steroid transport genes in prostate cancer progression and response to therapy Elahe Mostaghel, MD, PhD FHCRC
1/2010–12/2010 Characterization of microRNAs in urine for diagnosis and prognosis of prostate cancer Daniel Lin, MD FHCRC
1/2010–12/2010 Detection of grade 4 prostate cancer in urine of men with low grade cancer biopsies Martin Gleave, MD
Colin Collins, PhD
1/2010–12/2010 A novel FISH assay to assess the prognostic significance of TMPRSS2-ERG fusion Min Fang, MD, PhD FHCRC
1/2010–12/2010 Role of TCA cycle enzymes MDH2-CS in prostate cancer development and chemosensitivity David Qian, PhD OHSU
Year 9
1/2011–12/2011 Predicting response and resistance to AR-axis inhibition in castration resistant prostate cancer Elahe Mostaghel, MD, PhD FHCRC
1/2011–12/2011 Alternative RNA splicing of the androgen receptor gene in prostate cancer Xuesen Dong, MD, MSc, PhD UBC
1/2011–12/2011 Metformin and prostate cancer specific outcomes Jonathan Wright, MD UWMC
6/2011–6/2012 Metformin and prostate cancer Jonathan Wright, MD UWMC
6/2011–6/2012 Evaluation of neuroligin 1 as a biomarker of prostate cancer aggressiveness Eva Corey, PhD UWMC
6/2011–6/2012 Identification of DNA methylation markers of prognostic value in prostate cancer Min Fang, MD, PhD FHCRC
6/2011–6/2012 Mechanisms of ERG-mediated PC development Valeri Vasioukhin, PhD FHCRC
Year 10
2/2012–8/2012 Identifying the LSD1 network in prostate cancer Joshi Alumkal, MD OHSU
2/2012–8/2012 Rationale targeting of HER2 and AR to prevent emergence of MDV3100 resistance Amina Zoubeidi, PhD UBC
8/2012–8/2013 The progesterone receptor in prostate cancer Xuesen Dong, MD, PhD UBC
8/2012–8/2013 Urine RNA signatures for prostate cancer Alvin Liu, PhD UW
8/2012–8/2013 AR-regulated chemoresistance mechanism within the mitochondrion David Qian, PhD OHSU
8/2012–8/2013 Identification of novel therapeutic agents for treating MTAP-deficient CRPC YZ Wang, PhD BCCA/UBC
8/2012–8/2013 Detecting high grade-specific transcripts in urine to improve active surveillance Elahe Mostaghel, MD, PhD FHCRC
5/2013–8/2013 Development of new therapeutic modalities for the treatment of prostate cancer Valeri Vasioukhin, PhD FHCRC
Grant Cycle 3 Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
Year 11
4/2014–3/2015 SRRM4 as a target to disrupt the transition to the neuronal phenotype in CRPC Colm Morrissey, PhD UW
4/2014–3/2015 Epigenome and Transcriptome profiling of prostate tumor tissue to elucidate health disparities Janet Stanford, PhD FHCRC
4/2014–3/2015 The role of histone demethylation in LSD1-induced gene activation Joshi Alumkal, MD OHSU
4/2014–3/2015 Development of new drugs to target ERG in castration-resistant prostate cancer Artem Cherkasov, PhD UBC
4/2014–3/2015 Circulating Tumor Cells as Avatars to Decipher the Mechanisms of Resistance to MDV-3100 in CRPC George Thomas, MD OHSU
4/2014–3/2015 Androgen uptake and action in androgen negative prostate cancer Elahe Mostaghel, MD, PhD FHCRC
4/2014–3/2015 An epigenome-wide study of smoking, obesity and DNA methylation in prostate cancer Janet Stanford, PhD FHCRC
Year 12
1/2015–12/2015 Defining the role of cancer risk genes in early-onset, lethal prostate cancer Heather Cheng, MD, PhD UW
1/2015–12/2015 Beyond second-generation ADT: supraphysiological testosterone Eva Corey, PhD UW
1/2015–12/2015 A Phase I study of niclosamide in men with AR-V positive CRPC Michael Schweizer, MD FHCRC
7/2015–6/2016 Characterization of circulating DNA mutations to predict anti-androgen resistance Artem Cherkasov, PhD UBC
7/2015–6/2016 Immune cell content and function in metastatic prostate cancer Ashley McGarry Houghton, MD FHCRC
7/2015–6/2016 Mutational heterogeneity as a prostate cancer biomarker Lawrence Loeb, MD, PhD UW
7/2015–6/2016 CMV-vectored prostate cancer vaccine Daniel Streblow, PhD OHSU
7/2015–6/2016 AR mutations in cfDNA as markers of progression or response to enzalutamide Andrew Wyatt, BSc UBC