Career Enhancement Program

Program director: Janet Stanford, Ph.D.
Co-director: Peter Nelson, M.D.

The Career Enhancement Program (CEP) of the Pacific Northwest Prostate SPORE has established effective approaches, procedures, and metrics to identify, recruit, mentor, and advance the careers of scientists and clinicians committed to long-term careers in translational prostate cancer research. The Program structure allows the CEP to primarily focus on early career investigators, but also fosters the recruitment of more senior scientists who wish to develop or refocus their careers on prostate cancer.

The specific aims of the CEP are to:

  1. Provide research support and collaborative expertise for junior faculty, advanced fellows, and established investigators who wish to develop or refocus their careers on translational prostate cancer research;
  2. Provide a coordinated system for mentoring faculty and advanced fellows pursuing prostate cancer research across a broad range of disciplines;
  3. Create a framework in which investigators can gain exposure to, and training in, aspects of translational prostate cancer research outside their areas of expertise; and,
  4. Attract and retain women, minorities, and early career junior faculty who can make key contributions to translational prostate cancer research at the institutions comprising the PNW Prostate SPORE.

The long-term goal of the CEP is to prepare physicians, basic science scientists, and population scientists for life-long productive careers in translational prostate cancer research. The program strives to make these individuals scientifically productive, academically successful and influential nationally, and to prepare them to be outstanding role models and mentors for individuals with similar career aspirations.