Advocacy Committee

Vision Statement

We envision a time when prostate cancer will be prevented or cured. To help achieve this goal we serve to enhance successful collaboration among investigators, physicians, patients and all who are concerned with prostate cancer.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Patient Advocacy Committee of the Pacific Northwest Prostate Cancer SPORE is to promote effective interaction and collaboration among investigators, patients and all who are concerned with prostate cancer. Thus the committee transmits the views of patients and members of support groups to investigators in the field of prostate cancer. Simultaneously it communicates to patients and support groups information about current research, especially clinical trials. The overall goal is to convey patient opinion and feedback to investigators in order to promote and hasten research aimed at the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and ultimately prevention of prostate cancer. The committee serves to provide its support wherever possible to expedite the translational aspects of basic and clinical research.


  • To be aware of the status and progress of research conducted by SPORE investigators and to provide, where appropriate, patient input.
  • To assist and support the SPORE investigators in whatever ways are beneficial to their research and to patients.
  • To seek patient opinions, attitudes and suggestions, obtained either individually or with the help of support groups, and transmit them to the SPORE investigators.
  • To influence where possible the content, conduct and speed of research conducted by the SPORE investigators in order to increase the benefits to patients.
  • To transmit, largely through the committee’s extensive contacts with prostate cancer support groups, information on SPORE investigations and especially on current and future clinical trials.
  • To assist in the accrual of patients for clinical trials or other related research projects.
  • To establish and maintain interaction with national SPORE Advocacy Committees, both prostate and other organ-related SPOREs, for the exchange of information.
  • To maintain relationships with support groups in the region.

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