Core A: Leadership & Administration

Co-directors: Peter Nelson, M.D., Janet Stanford, Ph.D., Paul Lange, M.D..

The ongoing successful functioning of the PNW Prostate Cancer SPORE is highly dependent upon the effective and efficient operations provided by the Administrative Core (Core A). This shared resource core is the hub for SPORE-related management, education, and communication within and across the four SPORE institutions, and it is vital for carrying out the overall scientific and translational mission of the SPORE.

Core A serves to integrate and enhance the research conducted by the SPORE projects and cores, as well as the Career Development faculty and investigators supported through the Developmental Research Program, through the application of general administrative support and the facilitation of communication and data dissemination.

Core A has the following Specific Aims:

  1. To provide oversight of all PNW SPORE activities involving the independent research projects, the Career Development Program (CDP), the Developmental Research Program (DRP), the shared resource cores, and the parent institutions;
  2. To provide the organizational structure, based on a group of interacting committees, for supporting and evaluating the key objectives of the PNW SPORE;
  3. To organize and coordinate forums for interactions of the Executive Committee, Internal Advisory Board, and External Advisory Board;
  4. To provide efficient and effective fiscal management of grant funds;
  5. To communicate and consult with the NCI Project Officer(s) and staff in the preparation of required progress reports, publications lists, and regulatory documents; and
  6. To develop and maintain virtual mechanisms that efficiently facilitates multi-institutional intra- and inter-SPORE interactions.