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Write Congress/Restore NIH/NCI Funding

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, we are witnessing a moment of heightened awareness across the country about the importance of supporting cancer research following the broadcast of the documentary series Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies. We thought this might be a terrific opportunity to encourage the whole community to contact their representatives in Congress and urge them to restore federal funding for the National Institutes of Health and National Cancer Institute, which have fallen by 25% since 2003.

The attached materials have been created for this outreach, and we wanted to share them with you, so that you might also engage your organization’s constituents in getting this message to Congress – if that appeals to you, and is feasible to do. The materials include an eblast template (in both Word document and HTML formats) that you can tailor; an online landing page where anyone can send a message to her or his representatives quickly and easily; and some suggested social media messaging to support this effort. Please note that the landing page is completely unbranded, and no organization will be able to capture or utilize any information received through the landing page.

We apologize that this is somewhat short notice…In terms of the timing, our hope is to coordinate a critical mass of individuals from all walks of life to send this message in a unified wave next Tuesday, April 14, when Congress is back in session.  If that is feasible for you, feel free to edit the attached eblast template to specify Tuesday, April 14, as the day Americans everywhere will ask Congress to restore NIH and NCI funding to prior levels.  (If that timing is not possible, sending it whenever you prefer would also be great.)

Please note: We understand that it may not be appropriate for employees of your institution to send this kind of message from their institutional email addresses. We consulted our colleagues at one major cancer center, and their plan was for the director to forward this to faculty and staff, advising that if an individual wanted to participate, it would be best to send the message from a personal email address rather than an institutional one.

If you have any questions about the eblast or landing page, please feel free to contact our SU2C colleague Eric Holden, copied on this email (office phone: 424.283.3710). After we have gotten the blast out, Eric will be in touch with you about metrics.

Also attached is an OpEd authored by SU2C SAC Chair Phillip A. Sharp, Ph.D. and SU2C Co-founder and EIF Chair of the Board Sherry Lansing that will appear next week.

Thank you for everything you do in the fight against cancer.

[NIH Funding Email]

[NIH Funding Social Posts]

[Sharp/Lansing Op-Ed]

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